Take advantage of Small Business Credit facilities for you who are pioneering and developing your small business.
Financing Objectives:
A loan facility to finance the activities of small and medium enterprises which need the additional capital and business development budget with a loan repayment system of primary installments and the interest every month.


  •  Fast process in 3 working days *
  •  Easy requirements
  •  Insurance coverage
  •  Installment payment facility through auto debit
  •  No penalty for installment payout at any time
  •  Safe and reliable
  •  Credit limit up to Rp. 500 million


  • Credit amount range: Rp. 100 million – Rp. 500jt
  • Credit period: 1 year up to max 10 years, provided that:
    • Debtor age of at least 21 years and maximum 55 years of age at the credit maturity date.
    • For self-employed and professionals is maximum 60 years of age upon the credit maturity date.
    • At maturity date, Leasehold is still valid for minimum of 2 years ,deviation on the maturity date is possible provided that the Leasehold status is upgraded to Freehold at the time of credit agreement approval at a BPR Lestari appointed notary.
  • Maximum Financing (LTV):
    • Financing of fixed assets of houses / land amounted to 60% of estimated bank taxation
  • Ratio of Installment (DSR):
    • Taking into account of the payment capacity based on the sale and the balance sheet from prospective customers’ businesses.
    • Complete Business Licenses and Financial Statements


Prospective Customers are advised to complete all documents necessary in order to facilitate our officers to pick up the documents and process the credit application immediately.

Copy KTP (Suami/Istri yang masih berlaku)
Copy Kartu Keluarga
Copy Akta Nikah dari Catatan Sipil/Cerai Dari Pengadilan/Kematian
Copy Akta Nikah dari Catatan Sipil/Cerai Dari Pengadilan/Kematian
Akta Pendirian
TDP/SIUP/Surat Keterangan Usaha
Neraca (Rugi/Laba)/Laporan Keungan
Copy Catatan Keuangan
Copy Rekening Koran/Tabungan 3 Bulan Terakhir
Slip Gaji Terbaru
Copy Surat Keterangan Bekerja
Copy Surat Keputusan Pengangkatan
Copy Surat Keterangan Praktek/Ijin Praktek
Copy Keanggotaan Profesional
Surat Rekomendasi Dari Tempat Bekerja
Copy Rekening Listrik/PDAM
Copy IMB
Copy PBB
Copy Riwayat Pinjaman di bank lain (jika take over)